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Welcome, new visitors and old, to Calvin and Hobbes: Unplugged! I'm glad to see you've made it here to the new site. After five-and-a-half years on AOL's servers, I've finally moved on to a domain of my own.

This site's three main features, listed on the right, are an attempt to spread my knowledge and love of "Calvin and Hobbes" to other internet-connected fans.

- Philip

While the comic duo disappeared from the newspapers on December 31, 1995, they have never disappeared from our hearts. Here is a collection of tributes by other artists to Watterson's boy and his tiger.

Cartooning's most seclusive artist, Bill Watterson has made a strong effort to avoid the public life that many assume comes with the job. Over the years he has, however, allowed a small number of interviews. This is an attempt to collect those interviews and other stories written about him and his comic in one location.

The ICHE is attempting to become an essential, authoritative, and indispensable Calvin and Hobbes reference. It contains articles on characters, locations, books, incidents, and other important topics.
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IMPORTANT: The "Calvin and Hobbes" images displayed in this site are copyrighted by Bill Watterson. They are only a sample: do not consider them a substitution for the real thing. They are used only in the context of reviews, and I would like you to consider them examples to entice you to buy the books and enjoy them as I do. See the notices page.

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