Frequently Asked Questions

About the Site

Q:Can you find me a copy of [this strip]?
No. I am not able to get a computerized copy of all of the strips I want, and therefore have to build my site around what is available to me. Typically, I will not have a strip someone asks for, and I do not have the resources to find it elsewhere. If it is a popular strip, other sites may have it posted. See the favorite links page.

Q:Why don't you post more strips?
Two reasons: One, I don't have the strips available (see above). Two, copyright. Bill Watterson created Calvin and Hobbes, and therefore has the legal right to determine what the stip can be used for. I, nor anyone else on the internet, except his publisher, do not have written permission to use the images, and can only use a small amount of them. This is allowed by US copyright laws.

Q:I realize that you can no longer post those strips, but could you just send a copy to me?
No. If I started to send copies to some people, I would have to send them to everyone, and that would be too much work.

About the Bill Watterson

This is the one thing that every Calvin and Hobbes maintainer on the internet has to deal with. Every now and then, somebody thinks one of us is Bill. None of us are. I can't answer questions for him, and I can't ask them to him. I have never met him, and probably will never do so. If you have a question for him, write him yourself.

Q:What's Bill Watterson's email address?
Nobody knows. If he has one, it has never been discovered. The only way to contact him is through his publisher:

Q:Why did Bill stop drawing Calvin and Hobbes?
He was tired of doing it. As his fans know, Watterson put a lot into the strips and books. This is what caused him to take the two 9-month sabaticals to refresh his mind. As he said in his letter anouncing his retirement, "I believe I've done what I can do within the constraints of daily deadlines and small panels. I am eager to work at a more thoughtful pace, with fewer artistic compromises."

Q:What is Bill doing now?
Good question. There has never been a formal anouncement about what he is doing. You're guess is as good as mine.

Q:I heard that Bill is writing another book, when will it be out?
Rumors of a book have been circulating ever since he stopped drawing daily strips. Wether or not there is a book has not been determined, so nobody knows if it will come out.

About the Comic

Q:Where can I buy Calvin and Hobbes stuff besides the books?
Your best bet is probably a streetcorner. Books are the only lisenced Calvin and Hobbes merchendise. Anything else that you find, from shirts to mugs to stickers, are illegaly made.

Q:Where can I get a picture of Calvin releaving himself on a [Chevy, Ford, Ski-Do] logo?
Nowhere, legally. See above.

Last Updated: 9/1/97