Board Game
This board game was produced in the mid-1980's by TSR. Notice the box follows the design of the 1985 paperback edition, while the instruction booklet has the 1984 hardcover design.

Computer Software

Since the book had roots in the simulation game Harpoon, it was inevitable that it would have its own game produced. This was released in the mid-1980s by Datasoft, and followed the same idea as other naval simulation games of the era. Pictured here is the version for Apple computers.


After the movie was released, the game was updated for newer systems. This was for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Another version was also developed for the Super Nintendo system (SNES).

Nintendo Gameboy

This is the version of the game for Nintendo's hand-held Gameboy system, and was probably the same as the regular Nintendo version. At right is the the Japanese version of same game.

Hand-held Electronic Game

The Hunt for Red October was released at a time when not all electronic games were computer- or system-based. Some were stand-alone, like the one pictured here. The idea was still the same: sink the enemy ship.

Plastic Models

Produced by Revell, this series included the Red October, the Dallas, and American and Soviet airplanes as well. Note that while they were released after the movie, they have a logo based on the hardcover's dust jacket.