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New! I now have a page set-up through which you can purchase in-print editions of The Hunt For Red October through

The Hunt for Red October is not just a book and a movie. The 1984 publication spawned a number of items, of which the movie could be considered one. Many of the items produced are staple items of the licensing industry.

What are the categories? I have split the merchandise into different sections: The Book - printings of the text and the audiotape; The Movie - versions of the movie for different platforms; Movie Promotionals - posters and other gimics that could not be purchased originally; Movie Extras - accesories to the movie release; The Games - board games, electronic games, and toys based on both the book and the movie.

How old is it? The age of the product is usually easy to identify from the packaging. Those produced from 1984-1990 have a design related to the 1985 paperback cover: a grey background with the drawing of the bottom of a periscope. Products created after the movie was released have a black background with red printing, often accompanied by a red picture of Sean Connery as Captain Ramius.

Where can I buy? Depending on what you want, the answer is anywhere or nowhere. All currently-available versions the book and movie, in many forms, are available through Many "out-of-print" items can be found online. Online auctioneer EBay has many items. Yahoo! Auctions also has a few items.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own copies of most of these items. The sources for the photographs are given below. Many were part of discriptions for online sales that may no longer be available. If any of these items is for sale, I have no beneift in its outcome. Do not conact me concerning where you can purchase an item.

Photo Credits:
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