Movie Promotionals

The Hunt is On! Obviously these were only produced at the time of the 1990 film release, making them hard to find. Since The Hunt for Red October did not become a pop-culture icon, you will not find this in general poster stores. On the left is the "teaser" poster, displayed many months before the film was released. This poster is more rare because it would only be displayed in movie theaters. The poster on the right is the release poster.

Enclosed in a red folder with "Classified" stamped on it, this was the publicity kit mailed to the movie industry and media. Inside are "top-secret" dosiers on Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, and the others.
Flight Jacket
This authentic Averix leather flight jacket was probably a crew item during the movie filming. The description said that the patches on the jacket and sleeve were almost certainly put on by the manufacturer. Notice that the logo is taken from the hardcover book jacket, indicating that the new logo had not yet been designed.
Theater Button
The type of button worn by attendants at movie theaters. Notice that it only includes the artwork, release date, and tagline, but not the name of the movie.
This limited-edition pin was given out in conjunction with the video release on October 25, 1990.
Inflateable Submarine
The Red October can now float in your own outdoor pool. Well, not really. This item is designed to hand from the ceiling, probably in your local video store.
This liquid-filled pen has a floating submarine inside of it.